Mars Triple Guarantee Program (MTGP) 

Cabling installations begin with the first step of the Mars Triple Guarantee Program which is our system that informs our clients of what to expect, from the first phone call, to final acceptance of the completed project.


Step  One:  Introduction

Following your phone call, an acknowledgement letter, along with our company brochure is sent to you (that day!)  Your contact and project information is then forwarded to one of our project consultants, who will then schedule a meeting with you.  We arrive on schedule; we shake hands, sit down, and review your needs and goals.

Step Two:  Site Visit 

We will come to your site at no charge.  We will walk thru and discuss your current telecom infrastructure.

Step Three:  Design Phase (If needed)

Using an on staff BICSI RCDD we design a telecom layout that satisfies your technology needs.  The needs are based upon the number of personnel sharing a space.  Some offices have a pre-determined number of data ports they would like, and exactly where they need to be placed, but if you would like help in the design of your space with regards to the telecom infrastructure we would be more than happy to help.

Step Four:  Our Recommendations

We provide recommendations based on existing conditions, the design intent, or selected products.  Not all data products are the same and there are so many confusing products on the market, we help you choose a product that will last.

Step Five:  Quote

We provide a detailed quote that lists all the products, manufacture identification, and the product description.  We make sure you understand what the quote will cover in a detailed letter describing the overall job in a scope of work.

Step Six:  Approval

Once you decide the quote is correct and you agree to the pricing schedule then we will issue a request for a PO from you.  If a PO is not something you normally send to vendors we can prepare one for you detailing the job and the amount.  You just sign and return.

Step Seven:  Installation

We send in our specialized team of Wirenauts (this is what we call our cabling guys).  They will install your system in a professional and courteous manner.  They will clean up their trash as they go and if they don’t have a construction dumpster to use they will take their trash with them. 

Step Eight: The Follow-Up

Following completion we will follow up with you to ensure your project was a success.  We will file all warranties directly to the manufacturer(s).

Step Nine:  The Mars Triple Guarantee

The final step in our Mars Triple Guarantee Program is our three (3) year warranty that begins at substantial completion.  All defects in faulty workmanship are covered in our warranty and will be repaired.  Additionally we partner with Panduit and General on our product line and they will provide a 15 year warranty and all parts.  That is 15 years of knowledge your cabling is going to be same as the day it was installed.